Lose Body Fat: Do You Want to Try Those Diet Pills?


The body fat loss market is huge, and there are a variety of products both prescription and nonprescription (over the counter) available to those who would like to lose weight. A product hits the market, and it’s soon found to cause serious complications from kidney problems to stroke, heart valves issues to high blood pressure to seizure, and even death. Many weight loss supplements are not regulated by any federal agency and may not have research or studies done on the long-term effect of the combination of herbs or other ingredients.

Unless you are in a doctor’s care and are seriously overweight, you need to decide whether these risks are worth the effects of diet pills, weight-loss supplements, and herbal remedies.

Prescription diet pills are for the treatment of obesity, and contain stimulants similar to amphetamines and are only used when the effects of being overweight, outweigh the medication. To receive these types of prescription diet pills, you must be under the care of a doctor who will carefully weigh the different aspects concerning your weight gain.

For those with less than 30 pounds extra weight, it seems that over-the-counter medication weight loss might be the answer. While the FDA is involved with prescription and over-the-counter weight-loss medication, they have yet to categorize those over-the-counter as drugs, and for those who do not make claims of weight loss, there is no controlling federal agency.

Improvements in regulating over-the-counter body fat loss supplements and other herbal remedies have been made in the last decade. United State’s Pharmacopoeia has been working towards a Comprehensive Dietary Supplement Verification Program but unless it has changed recently, is completely voluntary. It involves labeling and practice standards including manufacture, ingredients, strength, and impurities. The intent is to start the regulation of herbal and dietary supplement production.

With all the recent publicity and lawsuits over herbal remedies, weight-loss supplement, and diet pills, careful research into the products used in those pills or supplements needs to be done. Ephedra, phentermine, sibutramine, and ephedrine are common in weight loss herbal remedies, weight-loss supplements, and diet pills and have also been known to have severe side effects. Read the label, research, and know what you’re putting into your body and keep tabs on any side effects.

Herbal remedies, diet pills, and weight-loss supplements are going to affect your body. Careful research, talking with your doctor, and following instructions is an important aspect of any diet plan. Herbal remedies were used by early doctors and healers very carefully and only by knowledgeable people. Remember, these miracle body fat loss products and some prescription diet pills can have adverse reactions with any other medication, and even some food products, so before starting any diet plan talk to your doctor who will help you carefully weigh the risks of weight gain against the side effects of medication, herbals, or diet pills.

Lose body fat: Questionable Weight Loss Products

As times do get easier and the food is more plentiful, weight gain is the norm. It used to be we got up at the crack of dawn and headed out to the farm or ranch and went to work, nowadays we get to sit at our computers munching on candy or fruit, and gain weight. There’s a wealth of people out there making money helping us to lose weight from our inactivity, and we don’t seem to be losing any weight. The only people gaining from weight loss gimmicks are those who produce them.

Several new body fat loss gimmicks have arrived including the new weight loss patch, a transdermal effect that supposed to speed up weight loss and metabolism and keep you from being hungry. It’s amazing that transdermal medication patches are readily available and most of them need to contain a medication that is readily absorbed through the skin. ‘Fucus vesiculosus’ is the name of the herbal remedy, also known as seaweed, that used in the diet patch. A wonderful idea of it didn’t contain readily available iodine that is absorbed and then causes its health effects. An ancient cure for weight loss that is now being used through new technology that causes problems even if when it was abandoned years ago because of side effects

Okay, how about slimming soap.

Ancient Chinese secret soap containing a blend of the seaweed above and other ingredients that are supposed to melt your fat away. For this to work you’re going to have to use a ton of soap, and you’re going to be very clean, but your body fat loss is due to your scrubbing and reducing the time to eat from being in the bathtub all the time. You may be clean, have soft skin, but there is no proof or research done about the slimming properties of this particular soap.

Weight-Loss Jewelry

You might be surprised that there are now magnetic earrings that have claims of weight reducing properties. The idea is that the magnet near your ear represses hunger, speeds up the healing process, reduces pain and can increase your metabolism. You may find people that claim that this works, but is it a placebo, or are the magnets doing any good. There is no resource available containing research, studies or proof concerning the magnets ability to reduce your weight, but in this case a least it won’t hurt you, you will be increasing the weight in someone’s pocket, however.

The weight loss market is huge, and there’s a new body fat loss product coming out almost every day. Don’t be a sucker, research the product, use your head and make sure that it makes sense. If it includes taking anything internally, check with your doctor; many herbal remedies are dangerous to your health and can have long-term side effects. There’s nothing wrong with trying a new idea, but when it comes to weight loss and the markets track record, keep the weight in your pocket and choose a commonsense diet and exercise program that works.


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